Connect your Qt Widgets to an ODBC Database

This C++ library provides full featured data aware Qt widgets. It is based on the Qt library from and consists of an ODBC manager class and a set of data aware widgets.

The current beta release includes a test program and provides a shared library for your projects.

If you would like to contribute, there is a lot to do.

... and if my English bothers you, feel free to correct me.


2000 Jul 01
The 0.2.6 has been released! The change log:
- win32 port (AUBA <">)
- BOOL sql type in the DBCheckBox was fixed and unixODBC path for PostgreSQL ODBC Driver has been sent
- in the DBToolbarFind lookup function has been improved
- DBTableDescription,DBMasterDescription has been rewrited for more Qt compliant
- simple example has corrected

2000 May 13
The 0.2.5 has been released! The change log:
- qt-1.x.x is supported and tested
- new example has been added
- the compiling error has been fixed
- developer tree is changed
- automake files is reviewed

2000 May 10
The 0.2.4 has been released! The change log:
- common locale support for datasource has been added and tested intensively
- error handling is improved
- CURSOR_STATIC is set as default(was: the problem with MySQL)
- readonly mode switch based on ODBC option now
- asynchronous ODBC calls was added but has not been tested(I don't have any ODBC drivers with this supported)
- new class DBToolbarNavigator inherited from QToolBar, QPixmap was used, it's work with several forms switched by setActive() slot
- new class DBToolbarFind inherited from QToolBar. I used this class as smart lookup panel with the lineedit for search, the button and with the field container(combobox)
- the common.h was changed for locale coding(in the database table) support, used QTextCodec::codecForLocale() and as result the compile datawidget*.cpp has warning messages with casting error
- few casting changes around getQString(...), getColumnIndex(...) was made
- DBGrid, DBLineEdit was changed for QString using for locale usable
- in DBLineEdit I think, that the Qt construction (..., QWidget *, const char *name) more effective than (QWidget *, const char *name, ...) in protected DBLineEdit constructor I deleted mark parameter. It's wrong, may be
- DBLookupAdaptor added calculateWidget signal
- DBNavigator was changed for locale support. I used tr(...) function
- DBRecordODBC3 init function has sequence error around SQLNumResultCols on unixodbc-1.8.8, it fixed now
- DBRecordODBC3 initParams is check DescribeParam before call. It was problem for parameters usage in unixodbc/postgres driver
- DBValueAdaptor was changed for locale support with QTextCodec

2000 Apr 12
The 0.2.3 release is supposed to work with unixodbc/postgres
It also compiles with the iODBC driver manager.

2000 Feb 18
The datawidget prject moves to
Now it has a public cvs archive.

1999 Nov 09
Luc Saffre started a DataWidget Documentation Project :-)

1999 Nov 05
Version 0.2.1 has some bugfixes and minor improvements.

1999 Oct 20
Version 0.2 compiles with QT 1.4 and Qt 2.0.

1999 Oct 16
Version 0.1.3 handles date/time columns and installs a shared library.

How to submit a bug report

Please post your reports or sugestions to the datawidget mailinglist
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Legal stuff - open source

This package is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.